Marques e Marques, Lda.

Established in 1981 Marques & Marques, Lda. is a wooden flooring and carpentries company. Its first business activity was the mosaic parquet to conquer the domestic market. This goal was quickly achieved, extending fast into the French, Dutch and Belgian markets.

Five years afterwards, a produt innovation process rules by the same accuracy and quality attitude began with the manufacture of tongue and groove panels, wooden floor, lamparquet and parquet block. From the very beginning, in its wooden products manufacture Marques & Marques, Lda. has always used a wide range of species from national to exotic ones.

Fifteen years afterwards, carpentry became another business activity. Solid wooden doors, frames and skirtings are produtcs available in tailor made or standard dimensions.

By the end of the 90ís it was the time for the deckings.

Today, strongly introduced in the domestic market, Marques & marques, Lda. exports to several European countries, such as France, Switzerland and Filand.


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